About వివరాలు

Dhyanam MasterDhyanam Master, Dhyanam naanna, Guruvugaaru, many names he is called. He is a modern day spiritual guru. The words Aatma, Paramaatma, Brahma, Parabrahma have no place in his vocabulary. He asks you to improve your personal effectiveness, take care of your health, do your individual duties first, then fulfill your family duties and later reach out to help the society. That is the core of his philosophy.

He is a relentless practitioner of ancient Indian kriya yoga. Even after his long practice of 35 years, he still spends most of his daily time in deep states of meditation or in his own words “being in the state of soonya”.

He has personally imparted kriya yoga training and initiated more than a lakh aspiring spiritual seekers into the fold of Kriya yoga. His goal for the rest of his life is to be a sanctuary for the scores of people who cannot handle the trials and tribulations of every day life.

Mana illu Asramam

After completing his duties towards his family (wife and two sons), Dhyanam Naanna chose to permanently settle down at mana illu asramam. He would be devoting his full time for spiritual saadhana and to relax the people coming to the ashram.

Mana illu has a dhyana mandir in which 800 people can meditate or practice kriya yoga.

Mana illu has 8 dhyana kutirs in which one can practice meditation.

  • Bindu Dhyanam
  • Jyothi Dhyanam
  • Shabda Dhyanam
  • Bhakti Dhyanam
  • Jala Dhyanam
  • Aaviri(Steam) Dhyanam
  • Acupunture Dhyanam
  • Magnetic Dhyanam

Or you may touch Tulasi, Tree, or a Cow and sit in mediation at any comfortable place of your choice.

Mana illu has 6 mandirs in which one can meditate upon their favorite god.

  • Vinayaka/Ganesha
  • Saraswathi
  • Vishnu & Lakshmi
  • Shiva & Parvati
  • Venkateswara Swami & Padmavati
  • Rama Krishna
  • Rishi
  • Cow & Calf
  • Poorna Kalasam
  • Sakti Peetam
  • Tulasi

At Mana illu you may unwind in many ways.

  • Watch or feed the fish at the child-safe fish tank.
  • Do pradakshina at ‘go-sala’, clean the cows, feed the cows.
  • Feed the pigeons & watch them.
  • Water the garden.
  • Take the ashram dogs for a walk.
  • Take a walk on the acupuncture pathway around the dhyana mandir.
  • Try your hand at cooking at the ashram kitchen, or serve food at the dining hall.
  • There are a few pets like rabbits, tortoises, cats. You may feed/play with them.

Mana illu comes with a few rules.

  • Come here empty handed, leave filled with godly bliss.
  • Entry into Mana illu is only for the people who can be in maunam(silence).
  • Absolute silence must be maintained at all public places.
  • Every life form at the ashram is precious. Treat the pets, animals with care and the respect they deserve.